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Dear teachers, right after this step, you will own a perfect resource for maths teaching you can ever have.

Mathazone Programme Portal will guide you helping your children to speak and understand maths language throughout the year.

You will find the whole year plans by themes and in a very special mathematical order.

You can add up to 20 children to your Mathazone Class, no problem if each child is at different ages between 2 to 6. You can easily find the right Mathazone level for each one by implementing our unique Gap Analysis model.

Just follow the path!

24,99 GBP / YEAR (Up to 20 Children)

What Parents are saying About Mathazone;

"Mathazone has taken over our school since we were first introduced to Mr1 and his friends just over a year ago! Mathazone has given us the tools and the language we needed to ensure mathematics is everywhere in our school. Children are delighted to meet the cute characters and learn about their adventures in Mathazone Forest. As their Mathazone friends encounter problems to solve they are able to relate these problems to their own lives and thereby learn important mathematical concepts in a meaningful way rather than as an abstract subject. We are delighted with the progress we have seen in the children so far and are excited to find more ways to use Mathazone to enrich our curriculum."
Ziggy Ören (Founder /Education Co-Ordinator At Zigzag Kids Club, Antalya, Turkey, 2017)


24,99 GBP / YEAR
Up to 20 Children

Benefits of Joining Mathazone Programme Portal:

  • Full year programme for level 0-2,3,4 and 5
  • 10 themes for Level 0-2
  • 16 themes for Level 3
  • 13 themes for Level 4
  • 9 themes for Level 5
  • Each theme contains “Maths in Science”, “Music”, “Art and Emotions”
  • 9 Mathazone basic audio e-books
  • 9 Mathazone basic songs
  • Unique “Gap Analysis Model” for level 3, 4 and 5
  • Year-end certificate for each child
  • Easy access to all “Printable Mathazone Materials”
  • Nearly 200 animation videos
  • Practice Papers Under each theme
  • “Mathazone Class” decoration ideas
  • Opportunity to send invitation letter to your parents and give each one a chance to have a special discount for Mathazone family membership.

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